Sexiest MMORPG Armors

Oh come on! You guys had to know this one was coming from us, here at MMOCrunch. To ring in the new year, and to celebrate the last day of the old year we at MMOCrunch bring you the sexiest MMORPG armors of some of the most popular games around the world. I don’t know what it is but people seem to love to oggle digital skimpiness. Who can blame em with armors like these though, eh? Enjoy the pictures (each game is labeled as such, photos come courtesy of monkeyspy via the forums):

So which one is your favorite?

P.S. For any ladies in the crowd that feel this is a bit unfair. Fear not, I plan on doing a male version before the end of the week. :) Equal opporunity oggling for all!


  1. I completely forgot about LoTRO and EQ2, but no matter. There’d be no I could gather pictures from every single game. I am happy with the selection. :)

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