Shadow Cities Launches in Europe

Shadow Cities, the mobile location-based MMORPG, today expanded its global reach by launching in Europe in the following countries, Spain, UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Norway.   It launched last month in North America,

Shadow Cities is a free to play MMORPG for the iPhone and iPad where players battle other players in their neighborhood and cities.  Players choose to join either the Architect or Animator factions, complete mission-based quests and can participate in PvP. Spells are cast via the touchscreen by drawing runic symbols and the game features all of the traditional MMORPG elements gamers have come to expect, including XP, levels, hit points, mana, and spell unlocks.

Shadow Cities is about territorial conflict and control, which is what makes this MMORPG shine.  Players can travel to different towns, cities or neighborhoods and fire off a few spells to help their faction take control of that area.

Currently Shadow Cities is only available on the iOS platform, no word yet if plans for an Android version are on the horizon.