Small and Simple Things: Shakes and Fidget Stealing My Attention

I will always be the first one to admit that I tend to have what many refer to as “a lack of focus.” I’m often doing so many things at once that it baffles some people how I get it all done.

At any given moment online, I could be texting, whispering 3 people, listening to music, talking to my guild in vent, and tanking / healing at the same time.

Frankly, I sometimes don’t get things done, and I skip doing them altogether, or miss opportunities to say, log in to WoW to do my daily random to finish off more important things, say U.S. History homework.

However, something has been addictive as of late, and keeps pulling me to log on and check what is happening: Shakes and Fidget.  I can’t exactly explain what goes on in my head, but it’s something about the gameplay that I find so fun, and S&F takes it to the most simple model.

From questing by just selecting one of three that are available at a time, and then waiting for the proper “travel time” to arrive to fight a monster, to going into a dungeon solo to take on a boss with just simple clicks. I can’t resist doing as much as I can, as fast as I can.

I’ve even managed to get myself in trouble with my hierarchy at home, for being up at abstract hours setting myself to questing, or going to the city guard to earn me timely gold while I’m away at school or some other activity for the day. It’s safe to say this is the first, in a very, very long time, that a game has routinely, and effectively, kept me logging in any chance I get to further myself.

I’ve also had to cope with the unhealthy temptation of buying mushrooms – the in-game currency you sometimes get from quests, that you may spend to quest more throughout the day, buy specific things, or skip timers – every time they have a sale. Which they are, today for Easter break!

So if you find yourself needing something for entertainment, while having to only micromanage your character, join us in our guild on Shakes and Fidget.

We’re already 92nd top guild on the server!


  1. yeah ive grown quite fond of this simple game myself. its always up while im doing something, i just go back to it, to gain new quests and or course the arena.

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