SOE Announces Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Free-to-Play MMO

Sony Online Entertainment will once again be trying its hand at an MMO set in the Star Wars Universe with Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. This time, the game will be more along the lines of Free Realms than Star Wars Galaxies, as it will be free-to-play and will include a collection of mini-games for players to experience as a Padawan, Jedi, or Clone Trooper.

Mini-games that are already being hyped include Lightsaber dueling, speeder bike racing, tower defense, and a starship shooter. In addition to the mini-games, players will get access to in-game housing and customizable pet droids.

Based on the popular, younger skewing Clone Wars animated series, Clone Wars Adventures promises to deliver to a different audience than that other highly anticipated Star Wars MMO. Check out the gallery after the break for a taste of what Clone Wars Adventures will be offering and head to the official site to see the video trailer.

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