SOE Reveals DCUO Character Create Video

More info coming from SOE about DC Universe Online. This time, the character create video shows a brief presentation of the features you can access to, when creating your DCUO character. The video doesn’t take us in deep to character creation, but shows a great richness in shapes, appeals, suits and styles. By what we’ve seen in it, when we finally put our hands in the game, we’ll have the opportunity of making an unique character. One could even say that you’ll recognize other heroes by their look, not needing their names above their heads.

Even if you want to be some kind of copycat, emulating your DC heroes look, or if you prefer to be original and design your own appeal, looks like you’ll be able to to do it. I confess I can’t wait to create my character.

This is the new video for DCUO and if you want more, follow us in the MMOCrunch Youtube Channel.