SOE Reveals Lex Luthor in DCUO

And here he comes. Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor is the new character revealed by SOE in its DC Universe Online MMO. This famous and glorious villain is one of my favorite characters in DC Universe. A genius criminal mind, opposing superheroes with the only help of his intelligence. That’s epic, but sooner or later a villain needs to upgrade his power to face all those good guys, messing around. We saw Lex into a powerful combat armor in the director’s cut  Who do you trust? video, showcasing a combat power comparable to Iron Man’s armor. Let’s face the truth: better villains… more fun. Lex is the best.

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The Character.

Alexander (Lex) Luthor was born to a rich family in Smallville, Kansas. He had a hard childhood, being the smarter kid everywhere grants you antipathy from many people. Lex abandoned Smallville to embrace a success career, even getting to the Oval Office. He wanted to show everyone he was the most intelligent person ever, but any effort was in vain compared to Superman and his wonders. Lex wants to prove himself better than any extrange creature coming from out space.

Lex Luthor was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, appearing for the first time in Action Comics n.23 in 1940. The character’s story has suffered many changes in all these years, but looks like DCUO has taken a mix of them, by the hands of the comics veteran Marv Wolfman.

Welcome, Lex Luthor, to DC Universe Online.