SOE Unveils the 7-Year Veteran Reward for Everquest II

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Next November 8 is the sixth anniversary of Everquest II, so SOE has has prepared a new 7-year veteran reward for all those players reaching that mark. This time, the reward is awesome, probably the best to date in the game: The Mistmoore Crag Estate.

The Estate is safely nestled into the mountains in Loping Plains and was originally built for the guests of Castle Mistmoore, where the almighty Mayong Mistmoore used to live. Now it’s empty and available for human habitation, but a mysterious contract must be signed for it.

The Estate has five rooms and can hold up till 600 items, but what I like the most is the outdoor balcony, overlooking Timorous Moor, simply amazing.

Are you one of those  EQ2 veterans getting  the 7-year veteran reward?


  1. D’oh!! It makes me feel like going back to eq2. Shame I don’t have a 7 yearl old account, hehehe.

    It’s really awesome, one of the best housing systems I’ve seen throught the mmo’s so far. Though I haven’t seen them all, of course.

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