Soul Master Gets Major Content Update

The GamesCampus MMORTS Soul Master has released a major and ambitious update for its content. The update includes several new features, like three new missions and bosses, exp granted on every monster you defeat, Warehouse Expansion Scrolls, a new Bonus Life and a new Chat Window. The game developed by NPluto innovates bringing customizable Hero units into the RTS games, allowing players to have a MMORPG-like control over their characters.

Soul Master is the type of game where you can do a lot of things. The mixing of MMORPG and RTS concepts is the key to it. You’ll have to dig into skill trees, build bases, control resources, fight other players with a RTS driven PVP type of combat, etc. The competition between players can be set in teams as well, letting you and other 5 players cooperate and face other teams.

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Free to play market keeps getting stronger. Almost everyday we receive news of F2P titles releasing or major updates for the ones already in the market. The gaming world is becoming a giant.

More information at the official site.