Star Trek Online Celebrates 25th Anniversary of The Next Generation

I’ve had my spats with Cryptic Studio’s development of Star Trek Online, but overall it’s still Star Trek after all. I’ve left them, and ignored them, for the last year and a half, but this finally caught my attention.

They’re celebrating the most classic and heralded series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 25 years of it, to be exact. That’s longer than I’ve even been alive! Following LeVar Burton on Twitter has made the 25th anniversary hard to ignore, and when I caught this announcement, it took to me.

Here’s straight from them how they celebrated it – as it was only available from July 19th to the 24th:

25 years ago was the start of a new era of Trek, and that first season of The Next Generation laid the groundwork for all the amazing things to come in the post-TOS era. We wanted to give players a nice treat on the 25th Anniversary of that first season. For that we chose a free Season 1 TNG Uniform. To spice it up a bit, we added Worf’s Season 1 baldric and his signature hair and goatee. Why Worf? Worf represented the new world for Trek that began that first season. A universe where enemies of old could work together, a galaxy where there were still discoveries to be made, and a hope for the future of the series.

Hit the jump to check out what I missed during the anniversary celebration.

The rewards that were available (I don’t think they are anymore) were:

Federation male and female characters:

  • TNG Season 1 Uniform

Klingon and Federation male characters that have hair options:

  • Worf’s short hair and warrior goatee from TNG Season 1

Klingon and Federation male and female characters:

  • Worf’s TNG Season 1 style Uniform Sash
This still isn’t enough just yet to push me over into joining back up – but it’s a start to keep me interested enough to investigate just how many changes have happened since I’ve last beamed aboard the Enterprise.