Star Trek Online Giveaway – 60 Day Codes + Game

Cryptic has teamed up with Alienware for a massive giveaway of Star Trek Online. The STO giveaway is for full access to the game plus 60 days for free game time with no restrictions except you have to create a new account, so current players are out of luck.

The full package is outlined below,

  • Access to the retail game of Star Trek Online
  • 60 days of subscription time
  • The Enterprise Era Bundle
  • Tribble Pet
  • 8 Hour XP Boost

So Champions Online and City of Heroes both went Free2Play within the last few months and now Cryptic is giving away STO for free with two months of free time to thousands of new players .  Hmm, I wonder if they are planing on making STO F2P? (sarcasm off) I know, lets play the when will Cryptic announce STO will be going Free-to-Play? I bet it will be announced by mid October, the 15th.