E3 2010: Star Wars: The Old Republic at EA Press Conference

In a somewhat surprising appearance, BioWare was at the EA E3 2010 press conference with some new details regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic. SWTOR, which was previously only thought to be published by LucasArts, is apparently now also falling under the umbrella of EA Partners, due no doubt to the fact that BioWare is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

The first and most exciting announcement made was that every player in The Old Republic will receive their own¬†customisable¬†starship! At this point, I almost stopped listening as I mentally decorated by private spacecraft, which the presenters actually referred to as a “home base” for players. Next up was the slightly more expected news that SWTOR will feature PvP warzones, in which players can fight for their chosen faction to dominate their enemies. The first of these to be revealed is Alderaan, doomed future home of Princess Leia.

Finally, a new cinematic trailer was debuted to the world, created by the same Blur Studio that orchestrated the first trailer. It showed a great battle on the aforementioned warzone of Alderaan, and depicted the sith villain seen in the first trailer before he had donned his mask. Rest assured that the new trailer will be making its way to MMOCrunch’s YouTube channel just as soon as it is available, and join me in praying to the Force that the Old Republic‘s release comes swiftly.