Star Wars: The Old Republic: Predicted to be EA's Most Expensive Title to Date

As mentioned in a article, EA has recently approved dropping a lot more coin into Star Wars: The Old Republic predicting that it will spend the most money EA has ever put into one of its games.

Chief Financial Officer, Eric Brown at Janney Capital Markets’ 2010 Consumer Conference confirmed that it is EA’s biggest splurg in terms of anticipated spending to get a game on the market, looking for a launch of March 2011. Although EA didn’t release specific information regarding how much has been spent so far, or how much they plan to spend in the future, this announcement means that EA has put a lot of trust in their latest MMO.

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  1. Good to hear they are willing to put money into it to make it the best it can possible be. So far as the marketing and preview go though, Guild Wars 2 and it’s the event system has me much more intrigued.

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