Star Wars: The Old Republic Reveals First Two Ships

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Off into the dark, black yonder, says I! There’s nothing like a finely-tuned steel stallion to guide¬†you through the depths of space as you chase your destiny – and any loot along the way. Starships are indispensable to Sith Lords and small-time Smugglers alike, and come in a variety of sizes and specialties. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware seeks to provide starships for every playstyle. Republic and Imperial engineers are constantly developing new methods of propulsion and weapons technology, pulling upon several millenia worth of compounded research and experimentation. Now, Bioware has offered us the first two of six planned starships: the Fury and the Defender.

The Fury is an agile, offensive fighter that takes the shape of a small crescent. While nimble and precise, the Fury also boasts firepower likened to that of larger military vessels. Surely, Imperial engineers had something to do with the ships new “strike foils”, which retract while out of combat. These foils extend the ship’s accuracy and range of firepower. While a classic in it’s own right, the Fury has become ever-popular among the Sith, undergoing changes to suit the aggressive nature and aesthetic tastes of the Sith Lords.

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The Defender, on the other hand, is employed most often by the Jedi Order. Considerably more modest and pragmatic, the Defender is a revamped version of the consumer-model Corvette. Jedi Knights can complete multitude of tasks within the convenience of the two-level layout of the Defender. The upper level features a diplomatic meeting room, as well as a conference room outfitted with a state-of-the-art Holocom system for communications with the Jedi Council. The lower level contains a cargo bay, medical lab, and private quarters for the Jedi to find solitude in. Though the Jedi Order is sworn to prevent conflict at all costs, the ship is fitted with powerful shields and lasers for engaging aggressive enemies.

Though Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s space gameplay is “on rails”, so to speak, it is slated to offer a decent amount of player freedom to experiment with each ship type. Hopefully they are all interesting and unique – unique enough to color the bland likeness of linear space play. Visit the HoloNet to get the full scoop on these ships here.

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