Star Wars: The Old Republic Reveals Playable Species and Advanced Classes

EA recently held a press event in the UK where multiple outlets were given some hands-on time with the Bounty Hunter class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some great gameplay information is coming from the demo, and it also revealed the first alien race that players will be able to use, the Rattataki. The Rattataki are difficult to distinguish from pale, bald humans, but the inclusion is a nice nod to fans of the Clone Wars series, in which Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress belonged to the species.

Also coming out of this press event is an exclusive from Eurogamer revealing that each of the character classes will have two separate Advanced Classes. For example, Sith Warriors will be able to choose between the Juggernaut and the Marauder Advanced Classes. The Juggernaut is more of a tank while the Marauder is a DPS-type specialization. This gives players a degree of class customization that does not affect the storyline.

Once players chooses an Advanced Class, they will be able to specialize even further by investing in skill trees similar to WoW’s talent system. It’s still unclear as to how much of an investment these skills will be, as a respec system is currently up in the air.

With the recent news that SWTOR is likely slated for Q2 of 2011, this hands-on should mark the beginning of information coming at a much better pace. Here’s to hoping a beta is announced sometime in the near future.

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