Star Wars: The Old Republic Warzones

Bioware has just released a new video for Star Wars: The Old Republic, showcasing a first approach to player team PvP combat. More Warzones, like the one shown in the video, will come in the future, so looks like SWTOR will have a good PvP action, in addition to all PvE content we all hope it will have.

In the video, we can see some players fighting to secure a planetary defense cannon in Alderaan, a neutral world. This battleground, features a secret war between the Empire and the Republic, even risking Alderaan’s fate, as this world is close to a civil war, due to the conflicts between noble houses.

To win in the SWtOR Warzones, both teams must have cooperating players, cause they need to work together if they want to take control over the defense system artillery units they need to protect their fleet.

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