Starcraft II Countdown Feature: Day9tv

RTS launch detected!

A mere four days lie between us and the release of Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. If you were lucky enough to snag a Collector’s Edition reservation, like myself, you’ll be wearing your Jim Raynor dog tag and flipping through the art book while the game installs in a mere ~96 hours. The beta is officially over, so how are you going to satiate your hunger for Starcraft 2 goodness? If the newly released trailer didn’t pump you up enough, then check back to Lore Hound at 8 AM Eastern every day (until Tuesday) for featured Starcraft content from around the web that you may or may not be familiar with.

Today, we are featuring the excellent Day9tv, a daily replay video with commentary by the top-tier Starcraft player Day[9].

If you’ve never watched a Starcraft II replay with commentary,  you absolutely must see Day[9]’s videos This is one of the best Starcraft II games I’ve seen yet, and without a doubt the best game in the King of the Beta tournament:

Day[9] is known for his lighthearted and hilarious commentary. It’s a lot more fun listening to Day[9] than some tired, mumbling super-serious commentary. If you want to see just how silly he can get, check out this 2v2:

Day[9] has a fantastic balance of entertainment and value in his commentaries. You can find Day[9]’s stuff all over the place. He broadcasts live on Ustream, tweets, and has all of his videos on and Youtube. He has a full thread of his going-ons on the Team Liquid forums.

Check back tomorrow for our next feature.