Starcraft II Countdown Feature: GosuTV

Three days.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty will be in our hands in just 72 hours.¬†We continue our feature series to keep your mind off the fact that you can’t play the beta with GosuTV, an excellent video show highlighting strategies, news, replay analysis, and anything else related to Starcraft II.

GosuTV has been on a hiatus with the beta up and down over the past couple month. They will be back with new episodes soon, but if you’ve never seen an episode, check our their most recent episode after the break.

They seem to have a nice studio. Kind of reminds me of another, deceased video show many of us enjoyed.

My preferred way to get and watch their content is through iTunes. They recently posted an interview with Neil Kaplan, who voiced Tychus Findlay, a rare audio feature.

GosuTV has been one of my go-to places for getting new strategies and keeping fresh with Starcraft II news. Their site is over at Gosu Gamers, one of the premiere Starcraft II sites on the net.

Check back tomorrow for another feature.