Still Hungry for F2P? Try Some Tasty PvP and Game Codes!

Ravenwood Roundup HeaderThose lucky F2P Ravenwood Students! There is so much for them to enjoy during the unlimited free trial! In fact, some might say we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far!

Practice PvP: If you’re new to MMOs, you might not know that “PvP” stands for “Player versus Player.” In PvP, players compete against each other instead of against the baddies in the game. In most games PvP is ranked. In Wizard 101, ranked PvP matches can lead to titles and equipment that are specific to PvP. In Practice PvP, the duels are not ranked, but that’s about the only difference between Practice PvP and Ranked PvP in Wizard 101. Teams can be as large as four players, and players can set up their own matches with in-game  friends or queue for random matches.

Headmaster Merle Ambrose sends all Ravenwood students on at least one quest to visit Dueling Diego in the early stages of the game, which means that F2P students are sent to Diego as well. To try out Practice PvP, head back to Unicorn Way. Diego will be waiting for you near the entrance to the PvP Arena. There are two Guards inside; each one is standing next to a scroll on a pedestal. Talk to the Guard on the right to set up a Practice PvP.

King’s Isle has provided an extensive guide to PvP, including instructions on how to set up and participate in a match, in the Player vs Player section of the Players Guide. Practice PvP is a great way to sharpen your strategies and take a break from questing. Plus, if you participate in random practice PvP matches, you might meet other players to add to your Friends list and group up with for quests or to be on your team in future PvP matches.

Free Items and Codes: King’s Isle, the developer if Wizard 101, is exceptionally generous with item codes for its players. The codes offered in TV commercials and on their site can be redeemed by the F2P crowd, not only members. Past codes have been redeemable for equipment, housing items, and pets. In honor of Veteran’s Day 2010, King’s Isle gifted each player a “Valor Reward” – a commemorative statue to be placed in a house or dorm room. This was an exceptionally easy item to obtain, as no code was required: all players had to do was log into the game during the specified days and the statue was waiting for them!

Free codes are also easy to obtain at At this site, anyone can play mini-games and win in-game items including elixirs, gold, and short-term mounts. The iPod/iPhone crowd can download “Wizard Blox” for free and win codes too. At the end of these mini-games, a code is displayed for the player to enter into his or her account at the official Wizard101 website. Players must log into their accounts, with their password, to redeem the code. If your parents or friends would like to play these mini-games and pass the code along to you, they can write it down or send it to you in an e-mail or text message (hint-hint).

Another way for F2P Ravenwood students to snag free codes is find the Wizard 101 fan page on Facebook and become a fan. King’s Isle issues Wizard 101 contests and challenges a few times a year on this page, and the rewards items have included transformations and other goodies.

Also, the popular MMO magazines published by Beckett (Massive Online Gamer and Fun Online Games) frequently come with codes for items in Wizard 101 (as well as other games). Those codes may be redeemed by F2P members as well. Past items have included wands, pets, and pet snacks.

Contests via Official Wizard101 Blogs/Fansites: Some of the official Wizard101 blogs hold contests for in-game items. Both F2P and subscribers can enter and win these contests. The most recent example of this is the Thankful Contest, held by The Mythspent Youth Blog! This contest is closed, but is a great example of how easy it can be to win free in-game items. To enter, all players had to do was tell they were thankful for and they had a chance to win a black panther mount rental!  Other official Wizard101 Blogs/Fansites that hold similar contests include Diary of a Wizard and Ravenwood Radio.  Check the official Wizard101 website often for the most recent list of Official Blogs/Fansites, as it is updated frequently.

Do you Twitter? This is a wonderful way to stay on top of how to obtain free items in Wizard 101. Some of the Twitter feeds to follow for news on free in-game items from various sources include @diaryofawizard, @mythspentyouth, and @friendlynecro.

The next Ravenwood Roundup will cover more F2P content, focusing on the total number of character and storage slots available.

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  1. I’ve found if you want to progress into the game, you find a lot of “pay-to-have-it” content.
    Anyway, I’m surprised about W101, it’s a very good game and is perfect for children to play with their parents.
    The magic deck feature rocks and turn-based combat is simply awesome in this game. I understand why a lot of adults play W101.

    Cheers, Christie :)

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