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We’re not the New York Times. We’re not going to throw up a paywall in front of our jargon (or get tricked by April Fool’s Day pranks). No, that would defeat the purpose of this blog, which is to express our great love of the medium that entertains us so thoroughly. To spread its word and highlight the highs and lows of the industry. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need money. We have domain fees, hosting charges and all that pesky camera equipment to worry about. And let’s not forget about the hamsters that run our gear. They need both food and water! Daily! Those needy critters.

One of the ways you can support is by playing a game. Yes, that’s it. Fire up your browser of choice (like the one you’re in right now) and head over to Shakes & Fidget to make an account. The name may ring a bell, as it was once an extremely popular WoW comic, before Blizzard sent it a letter of the Cease & Desist nature. “No matter” the creators said. “We’ll just do something different with the property.” Fast forward a few months and a free-to-play browser game set in a hilarious fantasy world was born.

The title is basic, a text-based MUD fleshed out with hilarious art and quest text, which allows it to be played without giving it constant attention. Basic, yet highly addictive. Pick your actions and let your newly-created orc, human, gnome, dark elf, demon or dwarf ravage the countryside and assault dungeons for epic loot. “How epic?” you ask. How about chicken-based bazookas and bows made out of rockets epic. Is that epic enough for you?! has setup an official fan guild on Server 1 that is currently being lorded over by resident blogger Kershocker. The guild is in need of members to start participating in the endgame, Guild Wars and Guild Dungeons. Players of all levels are welcome.

Don’t worry, there’s no fire to stand in.

Shoot Kersh an in-game message for an invite. Sign up today!


  1. Surprisingly to those who don’t know me, my character’s name is Essael.

    You can shoot me a message as well to get an invite to the guild.

  2. Curses! You cannot send in-game mail untill you are level 10. May NightStalker321 be part of the Lorehound guild?

  3. Samesies! I am level 8, and would appreciate CoSLaK being part of the fo’shizzle frizzle as well! :D

    Gangster. Word.

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