Surprise! Warhammer Online Delayed

As if anybody was really surprised by these turn of events; Mythic came out today and officially announced that Warhammer Online will be delayed until the Fall. Those of you who are signed up to the newsletter will have actually recieved the official notice from the developers. It’s a sad, sad day in MMO-town. Or is it?

To be honest, I kind of expect every MMORPG to get delayed at least 3 times nowadays. Hell, if I saw an MMO not get a single delay I probably wouldn’t buy it at all. MMOs require lots of time and it’s become kind of customary to delay the game in order to polish it up a bit. After all, everybody knows what happens when a game releases without having the appropriate polish required; you need only look so far as Vanguard. Bottomline, all a delay signifies is that the development team wants to take a bit more time to make the game actually worth the $50 we are going to be paying for it.  So, good for WAR I say. I look forward to being able to jump into the game this Fall! Let’s just hope Blizzard doesn’t decide to screw up Mythic’s plans by releasing their next expansion near or on the same release date…

[Source: WAR newsletter]