SWTOR Comic Con Breakdown

The New York city Comic Con took place last week and over the weekend and while it’s not an important convention for MMORPG fans, BioWare was there to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic and showoff more gameplay.

For the most part, it was a reiteration of what has already been announced, but there were a few new details that were revealed. The biggest being that there will be 15 flashpoints at launch and not all will be story-driven, some will be mainly puzzle or action based and all will be replayable as endgame content at harder difficulty levels.

The second reveal was that there will be two operations (raids) at launch time and while the second has not been shown yet, a single image was displayed showing a Hutt sitting in a room, which is posted above. So feel free to speculate.

The last item worth mentioning are the fleet hubs, which are the central gathering areas for each factions. Here players can find vendors, the auction house, and a special VIP lounge for those who purchased the Collector’s Edition. The fleet hubs will also be the launching points for all flashpoints so players can find groups easier.

You can watch the full SWTOR CC panels here.