SWTOR Datacron Location Guide – Tatooine

tatooine datacrons

Welcome to our sixth Star Wars: The Old Republic datacons guide. This time we reveal the locations on Tatooine which can be obtained by both Empire and Republic.

Tatooine was one of the more fun locations thus far, particularly the Blue and Strength datacrons which are located at the same location. Mainly because I ran into Republic players during my journey, which was the first time I was able to partake in open zone PvP with multiple players.

Coordinates for the 5 datacons on Tatooine.

  • Aim +3 X: -628, Y: -30
  • Cunning +3 (Empire) X: 726, Y: 3137
  • Cunning +3 (Republic) X: 2140, Y: -3671 (not shown in video)
  • Willpower +3 X: 2115, Y: -596
  • Blue Matrix Shard X: -2391, Y: -1381
  • Strength +3 X: -2391, Y: -1381

The Blue Matrix Shard and Strength datacrons are located in the same locations, on a sandcrawler in the Dune Sea. To get on the sandcrawler you first have to travel to the south-west where you’ll find another sandcrawler that you can climb onto (see below screenshot). Wait there for a balloon which you’ll need to jump onto. If you just missed it you’ll have a 40 min wait for it to come back around.

Be aware both Republic and Empire players need these datacrons so don’t be surprised if see other player from the opposing faction there. When I did it, there was about 8 of us and we all waited peacefully, jumped on the balloon, but once it cleared the sandcrawler all hell brook lose. My faction, Empire, was able to knock off all the Republic players leaving them there to wait another 40 mins. I felt bad, but it was either them or us.  I didn’t start recording until I got to the sandcrawler with the datacrons, so unfortunately you won’t get to see that.

Below you can find the datacron video guide for Tatooine. More guides coming soon.

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  1. This game called Star Wars? i did’t hear that,I play mmorpg maplestory game ,it very cute, i will change to play what you said.

  2. yeah, if you watch the video you’ll see it. There was a Republic guy there with his companion, so I knocked them off :) around 3:20

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