SWTOR: Jesse Sky Explains Flashpoints


Bioware has recently presented Flashpoints, a form of group missions for its upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This caused quite a big revolution among the ranks of all the SWTOR community and is a very juicy information, for all the curious minds trying to know how the game will be. Now, Jesse Sky, a world designer for this game, goes deeper into what Flashpoints are and how the team creates them.

Flashpoints are critical moments that will take place in the galaxy and players will have to respond to them. These missions, are designed for a group and will take place within an instance of extreme difficulty, a real challenge that will be fun and will give players good rewards.

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Jesse Sky states that creating Flashpoints start with a plain idea, then they think of the art and the environment. Finally, they go for the story and combat:

The real challenge of building a Flashpoint is balancing momentum with storytelling. We want you to feel like you are the heroes in a Star Wars action sequence, but we also want to give you opportunities to roleplay with your friends. The combat is made meaningful because we place it in the context of an epic struggle with cinematic storytelling. At the heart of every Flashpoint is a conflict that you have some personal stake in. We never want you to lose sight of that.

Combat is a very important part of Flashpoints and the team dedicates special attention to it. Georg Zoeller, Lead Combat Designer, states:

The combat experience in Flashpoints can differ radically from combat in the open world. We aim to tightly integrate the story with the types of enemies the Flashpoint calls for, their AI behavior and their abilities, creating unique scenarios seen nowhere else in the game.

Flashpoints are not normal and classical instances where you’ll fight endlessly and pointlessly, everything will have a meaning. You’ll see cinematics explaining the situation, you’ll talk to bosses before battling them and you’ll make choices that will change the way the whole mission goes.

For the whole article, go to the official website and read it carefully. It worths your time.

Jesse Sky explains Flashpoints for SWTOR and I can’t barely wait a minute longer to see this game’s release. This game looks great.

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  1. WOW i’m really looking forward to this. Hopefully they also bring in some larger scale pvp system across the entire game so people can really get into things!

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