SWTOR Pre-Order Fiasco

EA and Bioware have been doing everything in their power to make sure the launch of SWTOR goes smoothly and while the technical launch might, it seems pre-orders aren’t going as smoothly.

Over the weekend it was announced that the retailer GAME would be the exclusive seller of the collectors edition for Star Wars: The Old Republic in the UK. While EA has previously listed other sellers including Amazon, Zavvi, Play.com and ShopTo Online, it seems those were listed in error and GAME and Gamestation would offer them exclusively.

This basically means that if you pre-ordered the collectors edition somewhere other than GAME and live in the UK, you’re sh*t out of luck with your pre-order and will have to fight to find a copy on launch day.

In worse news, due to a system data error, Walmart canceled nearly all pre-orders, CE and regular, Saturday night and sent out emails to customers telling they their orders have been canceled. The data error did not delete the actual orders, so they are still there and Walmart is working on fixing the issue. But at this time, most of the orders are canceled.


  1. Walmart might fix the problem. If they don’t, that will really suck.

    But the UK one is just disgraceful, since BioWare & EA are now behind screwing over customers by signing some exclusivity deal or some crap. That is truly bullshit.

  2. This article can be classified under ‘c’ for clearly b#ll#cks. It was made very clear from the start of pre-orders that Game/Gamestation had exclusivity on the collectors edition of SWTOR in the UK. If other companies in the UK listed the product that is their error and not Bioware/EA. The same goes for Wallmart’s error.

    Fail troll is fail. I’m surprised you didn’t post this on SWTOR forums.

  3. Let’s not forget Best Buy handing out bad pre-order codes that come up as already used. My wife has been fighting with Best Buy and EA/Bioware for 2 months now trying to solve that little fiasco.

  4. @Timmy Yet, if you check the Bioware website in the UK and click the Pre-order link to buy a copy, it still lists all six retailers for the collectors edition which is flat out wrong. 100% EA’s fault, not the customer.

  5. Yeah as Mike said this really is EA’s fault…if you enter http://buy.swtor.com/uk/ and look at dealers it does list several. Now being who I am I noticed before even clicking on a link that only the one listed as “Game” actually had a direct link to the TOR, where as the others had only the main website…that raises a red flag for me but I totally understand someone not seeing this and going and buying it somewhere else and being screwed over on this…as for me I would have never pre-ordered something from Walmart and therefore have no opinion besides the simple fact that its FUBAR.

  6. myself and severl other uk buyers who DID preorder from game are now being told that our order is cancelled even if we had the funds in our acount.

    the ones i have spoken to all along with myself pre orderd it from game the day it was anounced and game have said nothing about it.

  7. I had my issues with Amazon with this as well. Hearing that they may have over sold, they couldn’t tell me for sure if they would actually send me the product that I pre-ordered on July 21. It’s a hot mess…I don’t understand all of this mis/lack of information.

  8. Hi, sorry if i’m late but i was just out in bluewater, (of course getting the collecter’s edition from game) and they said to me that all of there company don’t do it. Its not that its sold out. They just don’t do it?. And even more disapointing is that there false advertising it on there site and on the swtor site. Now tomorow i have to run all the way to gamestation (in the UK Orpington highstreet)to see if there not either; sold out or not doing it.

  9. Even worse still, I pre-purchased the day it became available directly from origin.com and associated the pre-purchase code with my swtor.com account that same day. Now I was invited to play early, so I downloaded the console and the code is no longer associated with my swtor.com account and worse, it says it’s already in use when I try to re-associate it. I smell a butt phck coming on. Any company stupid enough to make an exclusive agreement is filled with morons in the first place. I’m cancelling and demanding my money back no matter what it takes, screw swtor, EA blows and i’m out.

  10. I have to eat my words, after hours of searching and trying to get through to someone that actually knew what they were talking about (which was support@swtor.com, as EA support didnt have a clue, and swtor’s phone has been down the last 24 hours) I recieved a coherent email response that explains “you do not need the pre-purchase code to play early” accept for a few isolated incidents. My very sincere apologies.

  11. Just go buy it from HMV…. its been on sale since the 15th (DEC) and Game missed a trick and didn’t stock any early copies… also Gamestation were charging £44.99 whereas HMV is £39.99…

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