SWTOR: Smuggler Progression Video

Han Solo fans rejoice, today Bioware released the progression video for the Smuggler class. Actually now that I said that, the guy in the video even looks a little like Han Solo.  Anyway, the video shows off the smuggler class and its two advanced classes, Scoundrel and Gunslinger, as we see him manage to get out of a few sticky situations, even taking out a Sith warrior with ease.

As the advanced Scoundrel class, we see the smuggler use a cloak ability to disappear and sneak up on the enemy. Towards the end of the video it gets comical as they recreate some classic Star Wars scenes featuring, you guessed it, Han Solo and a random Wookie.

Check out the Star Wars: The Old Republic Smuggle video by continuing below.

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  1. very nice video , it make me to play this game , i never play this game before ,but now i don`t think so i can keep myself away from this game its far better then gta that i play .

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