SWTOR: The Great Hyperspace War

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Over at Star Wars: The Old Republic’s HoloNet, The Great Hyperspace War is a subject bearing much examination; one thing is for certain: it is the single most detrimental conflict to confront the Republic in recorded history. The events of this war have spread far and wide through time and space, even influencing the current military and political positioning of the Jedi. Fortunately, the fickle solidarity of the Sith collapsed in on itself, and won the Republic an early victory – or so it seemed. Arguably as a result of poor decision-making on the part of the Supreme Chancellor and the Republic, the Sith headquarters on Korriban was pursued even after the weakened Sith remnants had been driven back indefinitely.

Historians now believe that the Republic’s aggression at this point caused the Sith to retreat further into deep space in order to rebuild their society on a clean slate. Reinvigorated under the command of the dark lord who would eventually be known as the the Emperor, the Sith returned thirteen centuries later seeking bloody revenge. There has never been a better time to immerse yourself in Star Wars: The Old Republic lore and history.

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