SWTOR – They Got Me!

The Ultimate "Nom Nom"

When I saw the notification that Star Wars: The Old Republic was revealing a new class, the Sarlaac Enforcer, I got a bit excited. Shame on me for not realizing today is April Fool’s Day. Bioware released a mock player class of a sarlaac on their website today, which is probably the best MMO April Fool’s joke I can remember. The absolute best part of the joke are the videos on their website (under Combat Tactics). I am glad to see that Bioware has a good sense of humor, and I hope to a degree they include some of that in the game. Joke aside, it is interesting to see that the sarlaac will be present on Tatooine. Its great hunger knows no bounds apparently, as seen in the screenshot of the sarlaac eating a sandcrawler. Look out Czerka Corporation, there is a new foe in town!