SW:ToR Unveils Nar Shaddaa

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Welcome to the crime ring, kid. Star Wars: The Old Republic has announced the addition of Nar Shaddaa into the game universe.

Hutta, a planet that once lived up to it’s name of “Glorious Jewel”, has become slowly desecrated by the presence of the greedy Hutts and their careless pursuits. Since the beginning of the Star Wars series, we have come to know first-hand the insatiable lust for wealth and power that defines the Hutta species. It is no surprise, then, that Hutta’s nearby moon has earned a somewhat similar reputation. Nar Shaddaa, “where Hutt Gangsters go to relax”, sees a constant stream of corruption, mischief, fickle loyalties, and other dirty business.

The moon’s surface is burdened by an all-encompassing urban sprawl, and hazy smog that puts even Central Los Angeles to shame. Nar Shadda might also be likened to Las Vegas, on a much larger scale, and pleasure feeds into subversion at every chance. ┬áBehind closed doors, however, the lights are not so bright, and fraudulent deals are made that hold more weight than the Republic or Empire would like to admit. Further down, the darkness thickens, and monopolistic corporations conduct heinous tests upon unwilling victims. In some twisted way, Nar Shaddaa paints a picture of Capitalism’s most malicious incarnation. Despite it’s insidious nature, Nar Shaddaa is essentially a neutral agent in the war between the Republic and the Empire. The fact remains, though, that Hutta’s interstellar relative plays an essential role in the bloody rivalry between the Exchange and the Hutt Cartel.

Bioware has crafted Nar Shaddaa to fit within the visual theme of the game as a whole, while keeping it true to it’s canon within the Star Wars universe. Boot up SW:ToR‘s HoloNet to read up on Nar Shaddaa’s full backstory and flip through some screenshots.