TERA Interview – Action Combat, BAMs, PvP and more

We’re back with another interview, this time with Stefan Ramirez of En Masse, who’s the Associate Producer of TERA.  iTZKooPA talks to Stefan about “true action” combat, Argon creatures, BAMs, the upcoming open beta and much more.

During the interview, we learned that TERA does utilize the “Holy Trinity” of healing, tanking and DPS, but puts a little spin on it by offering classes that can accomplish the same roles in different manners. The guys also discuss TERA’s political system and how it will affect other players gameplay experience.

More discussion on the open PvP system and Guild vs Guild wars, which can be as large as 300 vs 300 battles. As well as the Nexus system, which are large scale PvE invasions.

Check out the full TERA interview below.