TERA Live Today! LoreHound Has You Covered.

Party vs Gula - BAM

We Lore Hounds have been following TERA closely. It’s not a pet project or personal interest, it’s the community and a handful of writers that have been following the conversion of the hardcore action-oriented MMORPG from its Korean launch to the western audience.

For years, we have been sniffing out various tidbits of information, challenging producers, digesting marketing fluff and pooping the details out to you. Yeap, TERA has gone through our entire digestive tract. And it’s come out exactly as you’d expect; a shiny nugget for gamers to play with.

There’s a chance that metaphor ran its course a few thoughts ago. Moving on.

Like Mike, I’m incredibly excited for TERA, but for a different reason. It’s main draw for me has been it action-oriented PvE, which reminds me of the hardcore vanilla WoW days; my fondest MMOG memories.

Below you’ll find a summary of TERA information to review as your download and install commences. Here’s to hoping for flawless server performance, limited bottlenecking and seamless installs.

Bonus. Here’s my first character, which I modeled after one of my male ferrets.