TERA New BAM Video: The Ovolith

Today we have a new video from En Masse showcasing their latest TERA Big Ass Monster or BAM, the Ovolith, which is a spider-like giant that morphs into an egg-shaped cocoon.

The Ovolith is capable of spraying poison on its enemies, is especially fast-moving and capable of dealing massive damage with its monstrous pincers. As it can shiftshape between spider and cocoon, the development team had to take both shapes into account as they affect both the ovolith’s hit detection and damage.

The monster’s outer shape matters a lot in combat because TERA lets players aim their attacks naturally. Auto-targeting games only need a normal attack with different attack motions, but we have more aspects to consider because the player’s character actually gets hit in TERA. But this extra challenge is one of the joys of creating monsters for TERA,” says the game’s Monster Concept Lead Artist, Junghyun Kim.

After we make some sketches, we discuss our ideas and make decisions on how to create the monster so it’ll work in the game. Then we complete the animation in perspective view to deliver the feel of the monster, make three-view drawings (useful in creating 3D), figure out how the monster moves, and so forth,” says the game’s Monster Concept Lead Artist, Junghyun Kim.

Check out the TERA Ovolith video below.