TERA’s 2012 Election Season Almost Upon Us

TERA’s political system was not technically delayed shortly before the title’s launch earlier this month, but En Masse Entertainment hasn’t done anything with the system since. Until now, that is. The politicking will begin in earnest this Friday, May 18, for those interested!

The political system is a one-of-a-kind feature enabling high-ranking members to wield untold power over the direction of the realm. For better or worse, the reign of prosperity (or terror) will only last three weeks before another Vanarch is elected. Once elected – more on that in a second – a Vanarch is able to mandate and collect taxes and select which special vendors to open for business. Both the powers of community-elected officials and the process itself are set to mature with the game.

Like any real political system, you have to work at being an electable official before you can be elected. Thankfully, millions of dollars aren’t the only requirement. Players must be level 50 (experience), be a leader of a guild of level 3 or higher with 20+ members (leadership) and pay 3,000 gold and 100 Catharnach Awards (currency sink) to get on the ballot.

If you’re interested, registration begins this Friday, May 18, followed by a week of voting. If you’re not interested in the responsibility, you can vote for a candidate of your choice once per continent per server per account.

Time to go work on my soapbox speeches.

Stay tuned on the latest election happenings by visiting the Election Calendar.


  1. Lineage had something sort of similar to this. If you were the leader of a guild with a Keep you could set tax rates on your area of rule and generate money for your guild.

    Not sure if that is in the game anymore though. It was really interesting because you would have alliances of guilds taking all the castles and setting the highest possible tax on the region. This would piss off people and they’d form “anti-alliances” and attempt to capture key castles to lower the taxes the encourage people to shop in their area more, and maybe stop putting up with the alliances tax rates.

    Things got pretty heated there for a while before I quit the game. Massive Alliance verse Anti-Alliance battles all over the place. Everyone would be in the Red(their karma system) and cities would be unusable for about 5 hours during these murder campaigns.

    Good times…..good times. If I had a computer to run this game, I could get into this. I like that players had an actual effect on the in-game setup in Lineage, I imagine I’d love this game.

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