The 5 minute MMORPG

One of the biggest turnoffs the MMO genre has is the time factor because lets face it, if you don’t put in a lot of time into an MMO game you’ll fall behind. This time investment turns off a lot of gamers because they don’t want to go through the grinding and farming that goes on. Luckily for them there is a web based, free-to-play MMO that only takes 5 minutes to to hit max level!

The 5 Minute MMORPG is a game that prides itself as being the only MMO that doesn’t require countless hours to reach max level and is grind free.The game is actually quite fun to play and is extremely easy to pick up. There’s also a “lag” factor that the 5 Minute MMORPG incorporates which makes the game unique but I’ll get into that later.


The controls are very simplistic. Arrow keys are used to move your character across the map. “A” is used to swing your sword and “S” is used to shield yourself from an attack. Holding down the movement keys makes you move faster because it will que up the given commands.

Game Play

Here is where the game really shines. I mentioned earlier about a “lag” factor. The way the game plays out is as you move around the map you see projected images of yourself. This is the “lag” factor that the game implements. The challenging part of the game is trying to predict where a character goes and then pressing “A” to hit them with the sword. This may sound easy but it’s hard to do because all the movement and action commands you give have like a 2-3 second delay. Also the lag factor is based on how many players there are in the game.

As you move around there will be items that pop up around the map. The items look like rubies, treasure chests, etc. Moving over these items gives you a few levels.

End Notes

The 5 minute MMORPG is a very unique game that gets rid of the grind factor that all MMOs have. This game isn’t meant to replace a “real” MMO but rather be a fun game to play every now and then. The “lag” factor makes the game play a very unique and fun experience. Originally I wasn’t expecting much from a free and web based game but it defied my expectations. I would recommend this to any gamer since it’s so easy to pick up and play. The PvP action is just hilarious if you play with a group of friends. So go ahead and try it out!