The Legion has Broken the Shore! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!

The Pre-“Legion” event launched last Tuesday, and boy howdy there’s a lot of goodies to cover. WARNING: This contains spoilers for the Broken Shore event.

On the rare chance that you have not yet started destroying demons yet, let me run down what you might expect to see in case you decide to help drive them back. You know your friends are doing all the work while you do more important things like be old and not sure if you want to resub or not (Looking at you, @itzkoopa). The maps below show where the invasions will occur. Every four hours the legion will strike at one of two different locations on Azeroth. This can be located by the red circle that have been strategically placed at the exact point one would need to be to begin Stage 1. The invasion points are marked by a green swirly rune looking thing that almost resembles a Legion-skinned hearthstone. Be careful when traveling however, because it could get buggy.


Upon entering the area of the invasion, you’ll notice the sky turn swirls of green and black and will churn with the anger of the Dark Titan Lord. The music chimes in with a sweet familiar tune that sounds like Revenge of the Sith, and the sounds of rumbling thunder and fel lightening fill the air and everyone is screaming obscenities.

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You’ll notice a large and ominous, black space ship in a sky that’s riddled with the fel. It’s spewing out cannon fire with live infernal ammunition, and bombarding it on the unsuspecting dwarves bellow. Even though the sight brings a tear to this blood elf’s eye, I uphold my duty as a paladin to slaughter all scourge and demon alike who mean to do harm to the innocent. Even if they are di


As the first stage of four finishes, a Small Legion chest will be placed inside your bag holding one of what may as well be cosmetic pieces for your armor group. You will also receive a few nether shards courtesy of the Burning Legion. After all four stages, you’ll receive a similar chest that has a chance to loot one of the special pre-Legion event weapons, in addition to the same items as before. Rinse and repeat. A great tip to all you lowbies and levelers! If you park a toon on the invasion, you’ll get a HUGE XP reward after every stage, granting at least 75% (give or take) of a full bar for every complete invasion! There’s a pretty cool easter egg if you try to fly into the Legion space ship that totally might definitely not cause your ultimate destruction! Go ahead and try!


“What’s actually happening here” you ask? How did the Legion suddenly come upon Azeroth so quickly and in so many numbers (again)? When we last left the Legion it was, mainly, with The Burning Crusade. Very little demonic activity happened in between then and Warlords of Draenor and not much was still known after we kickflipped pop shove-it Kil’jaden back into the portal in the Sunwell Plateau. Yet, suddenly, they’re on Azeroth establishing more of a foothold than they had during The Third War and slowly rising to war of the ancient numbers. That’s a lot of fel suckers. The question still stands how did they get here so quick and so vast?

After we left Gul’dan to rot in a demon portal and whilst everyone on Draenor did the Ewok dance, he was yelled at and stuff and pretty much given the task of sneaking into the real Azeroth. His demonic overlords threw him through a portal, and put Kil’jaden in his-who-continuously-whispers-sweet-nothings-at-him stolen ship, and sails for the Broken Shore. There he is greeted by some fel sucking skinny Night Elves called Night Fallen, who try to suck the fel out of his body after he washed up on shore unconscious. He basically crushes the dude’s throat and continues on with Kil’jaden as his guide. As he continues toward the direction his demon brain buddy is directing him towards he happens upon a heavily-cladded cutie called Maiev Shadowsong, who you would remember from the Night Elf campaign in Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, as she chased Illidan to the very ends of the planet and off of it as well. He remembered that backstabbing Felsong and what she said about her Mistress the Lady Shadowsong, so he followed her closely.

Gul’dan, who is very much on the brink of his loyalties, considers jumping the Warden Shadowsong and ending her life when suddenly the voice of Kil’jaden shouts at him to hide. Suddenly, he ceases his spell aimed at Maiev and conceals himself. Soon after a raven swoops overhead and circles around before landing and shifting into a human archmage shape. I wonder who that could be. Yes, looking all dapper in his new I’m young yet I’m old look, Khadgar greets Shadowsong with a coy snark, but Maiev is less pleased to see him. As Gul’dan watches from afar at their dribble, he questions how the Legion has been treating him like the two-year old he is and plots against ridding the lot of them quick and easy as Kil’jaden barks at him to get moving. He considers treason, but in the end he does his master’s bidding.

Gul’dan follows his master’s call to another end of the shore where a small rowboat was left for him to take across the waters to what looked to him a small flat featureless island. All but a single structure lay on its surface, The Tomb of Sargeras. With the aid of Kil’jaden, he lands on its shore and forces his way inside. There he found that the significance of the tomb would be the transport for the Legion’s arrival and all Gul’dan had to do was obey.

Sometime after a whole lot of dialogue that is sort of pointless in regards to this particular article, Khadgar catches up with Gul’dan in the Tomb of Sargeras. With the forceful influence of Kil’jaden, as Khadgar finally spotted the Warlock, Gul’dan made way further into the Tomb, to unlock a power unknowing. Khadgar made pursuit, egging Gul’dan on as if trying to get the warlock to disobey his masters. With every nerve being prodded by both Khadgar and Kil’jaden, the orc continued his quest by being a good little puppy and piddling on five different runes that locked away an ancient power. Without the aid of Kil’jaden though, and finally his trust, Gul’dan could not hold off both the focus power needed to channel on the sigils and keep Khadgar at bay as well. Kil’jaden, sensing that the only option was to empower the warlock, did so which gave Gul’dan the full power of the Legion. Gul’dan had received the power he oh so always wanted and even plotted to finally rid of his demon overlords, but saw greater opportunity as he finally gave his pursuers the slip. Kil’jaden showed him his treachery and convinced the warlock to go to another chamber, which in the end he opened a final doorway that lay deep within the Tomb that lead the Legion into Azeroth.

So there you have it! What do you think will come of this? How will the heroes of Azeroth prevail this time? Comment with some speculations!


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