The Lore Hound WoW Podcast: Episode 1


Join the Lore Hounds as they discuss this week’s news in WoW. This week’s lineup is Heartbourne, pixiestixy, and Juggynaut. World first Heroic Lich King kill, 10% buff in ICC, and April Fool’s pranks, and more are on the agenda today. Click the player above to listen, download the podcast, or subscribe via RSS, and leave a comment to let us know how you liked it!


  1. Great to see this thing back again :) (yeah I followed it on ProjectLore)
    I say keep doing it like this and I’ll be coming back for more :)

  2. something I’ve been wondering (and was on the edge of doing back at ‘the old website’) is are you guys looking for more bloggers and if so, how do you apply?

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