The Secret World Issue 2 Delayed Another Day

It’s no secret that I absolutely despise the character models in The Secret World. I absolutely love the game, but I can’t help but cringe every time I look at my character. So it’s hardly a surprise that I’ve been desperately looking forward to Issue 2 which will include a barber and plastic surgeon. Unfortunately the layoffs at Funcom delayed the issue by 2 weeks, and this morning Tarib announced a further delay.  September 12th, only two days away…

Click the jump for a quick recap of the upcoming content in Issue 2: Digging Deeper.


Digging Deeper brings more than just a plastic surgeon (although admittedly that’s what I’m the most excited about). New additions include:

  • New Auxiliary weapon: Rocket Launcher! New skills and a new hotkey! Who can complain about that?
  • New Missions! 5 new missions have been announced, along with the promise of more.
  • New Nightmare Dungeon! The Facility and Hell Eternal now have Nightmare modes!

I just can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll see you all in game once it goes live.

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