The Secret World Reveals New Location (Sort of)

A new location in The Secret World was unveiled in the wee hours of the morning: The Blue Mountains. I say ‘sort of’ because it’s another location within Solomon Island, the New England locale that has had a lot of information already provided to us. The Blue Mountain is located just west of Kingsmouth, and centers around a terrible evil that happened a long time ago. Players can explore what happened here by aiding the Wabanaki tribe, and eventually participating in rituals that will allow us to walk in the dreams of past ancestors. Somewhere in there are Mayans and Vikings, and all sorts of supernatural baddies like Wendigo, Draug, golems, and akab.

I think that sounds pretty cool myself, just think of how much content the devs can add in in future expansions when they aren’t limiting themselves to modern locations! Even with modern locations, there’s a wealth of possibilities, but dreams and memories of the past open even more. Perhaps that’s just my bias though; I studied ancient history in college so anything related to history has my complete attention. :)

I’ll keep you updated as more is revealed today. I’ve found this article, although it’s in French. The Secret World facebook hasn’t provided anything for us English speakers yet, other than a promise of more to come.

And of course, the moment I post, they update their page. Read the official announcement here.

*Update* Aaaand, as promised, here’s a link to the new video for Blue Mountain.


  1. I speak french. I can translate:
    Des représentants de l’armée américaine et des agences gouvernementales tentent désespérément de comprendre ce qui se trame ici. – The americain army and agencys governmental are trying to figure out whats up in the blue mountains.

    There is a polluted swamp area, you will need the help of the Wabanaki. The players must research and destory the evil spirits here, but they will find after lift rituals.
    There seems to be some chemical connection, henve the pollutants.

    Dead souls of mayans and vikings plague the dreams of the players.

    Apparently the mayans are stong and planning apocolypse, and you, player, must join up with forces and fight back. How they describe it, it sounds factionish and Dungeon things would be added here.

    none of the screen shots seem related LOL!

  2. Thanks for translating. :)

    I used google translate, but as is to be expected, it was a little off. The news blurb on the funcom site does link to an english article now, but I don’t like going to the site it’s on.

    Mayans and vikings and ghosts, oh my!

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