The Sith Journals – Part 2

When we left off a couple of weeks ago, I had just arrived with my baby Inquisitor Sorcerer on the planet of Dromund Kaas. The planet of milk and honey and giant frigging predators right outside the official Imperial Space Port.I think that the Sith Empire is taking this “let the weak perish” thing a bit too far, when you want to make even visiting your capital city an exercise in Darwinian jungle laws. Maybe all Sith lords are just complete adrenaline junkies that enjoy the rush of knowing that at any moment you take more than 5 steps outside the city walls there’s a good chance that something is going to try to shoot, bite or stab you in the face and neck area.

Also you would imagine that the capital planet of the Empire would have enough soldiers stationed to not have to rely on random passing strangers to keep the wheels turning.No really guys, I appreciate the chance to save the capital city of the Sith Empire from being destroyed by lightning storms, but you would imagine this is the kind of task that you maybe would not want to entrust to some fairly unproven “just-off-the-shuttle” hotshot that’s barely learned which way of the lightsaber you point away from your face (admittedly, that’s a mistake you normally only make once).

Anyways, after having saved the day I was able to make my way to the originally named Kaas City (Earth City, anyone?), which appeared to be suffering from some sort of outbreak that kept 90% of the population indoors.At least that’s what I must assume was happening, because I was jogging down huge roads and over large squares that were all but completely empty. For something that is supposed to be the hub of the entire Sith Empire it sure is deserted.Perhaps the citizens had stepped outside the city walls for a quick smoke and were promptly eaten/shot/stabbed/struck by lightning. Helps to keep congestion down, I guess.

Dromund Kaas offered me more chances to venture into yet more ancient Sith tombs. At this point I was starting to suffer from tomb raiding fatigue, or as we call it in the business: “Croft-Syndrome”.Really, if you’ve seen one old Sith tomb then you’ve seen them all, but as my master had previously demonstrated a penchant for frying people with Force lightning, I figured that I didn’t really have much say in the matter.
Eventually tombs were raided, schemes were carried out and my master was all round happy with my performance, to the point that she gave me my very own starship (honestly I would have been happy with a fruit basket, but thanks!).

By the way, let me just say that the moment you get your ship is wicked cool and it fills you with an appropriate kiddie level of “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” when you first step into the space dock and see it sitting there.

My first destination in my very own ship was the planet of Balmorra.

Unfortunately I cannot remember a single thing that I did on Balmorra.Now this could just be a result of my memory not being what it used to be. After all I’m pushing 30 and I sometimes indulge in the occasional drinking spree. Or it could just be that whatever happened on Balmorra was simply not interesting enough to leave a lasting impression on me.It could also just be a result of my memory not being what it used to be.
Honestly, I don’t remember anything of what I did on Balmorra. Ask me anything about Balmorra and I’ll just go “I have no frigging clue”.You could hold me at gunpoint and demand that I give you information on what I did on Balmorra and all I could say was: “Dude, you seem unhealthily obsessed about the details of the Balmorra storyline. Maybe you should just chill out and play some Tetris”.

In any case I’m pretty sure it wasn’t offensively bad, though I have a vague idea that there was some tomb raiding going on at some point, but that may just be a ghost memory left by my experiences on Korriban and Dromund Kaas.

In all honesty I have to say that my Sith Inquisitor storyline took somewhat of a dive after I finished up on Dromund Kaas. The Prologue was extremely cool, but the start of Chapter 1 was not terribly interesting and my fondness for SWTOR itself kept me plugging through the game rather than the excitement of seeing what would happen next.
The gray amnesia haze of Balmorra behind me, I was off to the Hutt controlled moon of Nar Shadda, with its Blade Runner like neon lights and dystopian mega city setting.
And that’s where we’ll begin our story in the next chapter…