The Slash Commands Of Global Agenda

Global Agenda is a pretty straightforward game. You shoot things in the face, or, and this is if you’re really crazy, you heal things in the chest. That’s pretty much it. It doesn’t matter if your questing, PvPing or PvEing, you kill.  Without fear or emotion, you kill. It’s a healthy portion of the third-person shooter.

Click to see all 42 commands. Not all commands work with every class/gender.

Hi-Rez Studios continues to add extra stuff, such as the re-introduced Achievement system, but currently, the game doesn’t have much in the way of easter eggs.  The only “hidden” treats we players have are all of the quirky slash commands and animations tha

t the developers spent just the right amount of time on. Hi-Rez takes it way beyond /dance. From Spaceballs to Arrested Development to college football references, the animators went nuts and we’ve chronicled their work for everyone to see (in alphabetical order) and comment on.

Music by: The Advantage.

Hit the jump for all the commands in convenient text!

  • /search
  • /yell
  • /startle
  • /talk
  • /cry
  • /laugh
  • /laugh2
  • /laugh3
  • /taunt
  • /lookaround
  • /wave
  • /spit
  • /airguitar
  • /applause
  • /bow
  • /celebrate
  • /chickendance
  • /flex
  • /handstand
  • /heisman
  • /jig
  • /karatekid
  • /kong
  • /lewdgesture
  • /rumpshaka
  • /shadowbox
  • /touchdown
  • /radio
  • /radioshort
  • /agree
  • /amigo
  • /comehere
  • /disagree
  • /salute
  • /wave
  • /moonwalk
  • /rbsalute
  • /sbsalute
  • /road
  • /hoedown
  • /robodance


  1. Just tried them all, 12 don’t work anymore (if they did work for you at the time); these 12 are: /search, /yell, /startle, /talk, /laugh1, /laugh2, /laugh3, /lookaround, /radio, /radioshort, /rbsalute, and /road.

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