This Just In: Alganon Delayed


From the news section of the Alganon forums:

After taking time to process player feedback, work with our strategic partners, and present options to our investment team, we have decided to move the release date for Alganon from October 31st to December 1st.

This decision will allow us to refine the game, test on a larger scale, obtain additional visibility, and run some great contests (starting with the Immortal contest which should begin this upcoming week). We appreciate the patience and support of everyone who has been testing and pre-ordered Alganon.

Those who have pre-ordered Alganon before the 31st will receive a month of free play as compensation and also receive the in-game items awarded at launch sometime during the beta process.

The testers on the forums seem to be pretty pleased with this development and given the state of the game, and an MMO market that is unforgiving of a poor launch, this delay is probably a good idea. The NDA will not go back into effect, so expect more info on how the game develops as the weeks pass.