THQ to Reveal Details about Warhammer40K at next E3

THQ studio in Austin, Texas has been discreetly working on a MMO based on the Warhammer universe for several years now. With an ambivalent production title of Warhammer40KTHQ has been foggy about any specifics concerning the game.

According to sources at electronics site, THQ is planning to explain their new MMO in detail at this years E3 convention arriving this June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. THQ plans to go beyond the cool art concepts they offered up in 2009 to describe the title, claiming they will fully unveil the specifics behind the project. THQ hopes this game based on the Warhammer universe will rival contemporary MMO’s as the studio is hoping for at least a half million subscribers.


  1. “working on a MMO based on the Warhammer universe for several years now”

    F*** what? Several years? 3? 5? 12?

  2. Hey Lorvax,

    Sorry no date in original article. THQ has been working on it ever since they hired 2 new designers for an as of then unknown project back in November, 2004 – so roughly 6 years. Also, to add to the details about the Warhammer 40K MMO, there has been a released date slated for 2012 according to sources at

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