Tier 12 Armor Sets: Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest & Rogue

Lately, Blizzard has been releasing a ton of information in regards to Patch 4.2, “Rage of the Firelands.” So far, everything looks amazing. The new quest hub sounds like a good concept and all the phasing that is being implemented with it is going to make it 100% cooler. Oh yeah, Firelands (The raid) also looks a.w.e.s.o.m.e. I can’t wait!

Over the weekend, the World of Warcraft community website released one of the things I was most anticipating about Patch 4.2 — Tier 12 Armor Set previews. Only 6 classes have been covered so far, but that’s fine because 4 out of those 6 are classes I have at level 85!

Here, I’ll cover each of the new Tier 12 Armor Sets, and I’ll also let you know what I think about them.  Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment to let me know. Now on to the loot:

1. PALADIN [9 out of 10]

I love it. In my opinion, it looks pretty similar to the Paladin’s Tier 2, which is considered by most people as the best looking armor in-game. I’ve heard a few people complaining on how this set doesn’t look like plate, but it looks more like cloth instead. That is true, however, you can’t deny the fact that it’s a very nice model.

What do I think about wearing a skirt again? First of all, it’s not a skirt, it’s a kilt. Erm, anyway, I really think kilts look much better than actual pants when it comes to Plate DPS, but that’s just my opinion.

2. MAGE [4.5 out of 10]

“Meh” is the answer I usually get whenever I ask “What do you think about the Mage’s Tier 12?” I have to agree with them. The helm looks cool, but the rest of the set is not anything unique.

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the iLvl 346 Heroic Dungeon Cloth gear, but red?

I really hope this is not the final version. Hopefully, it will have some sort of aura or something surrounding the set. I feel bad for my Mage brothers.

3. ROGUE [6 out of 10]

It’s quite decent. I think it should be darker, but I guess that doesn’t fit with the whole “Firelands gear must be red” theme.

I really like the helm/shoulders, but, once again, I feel like the set is not as epic as it should be. C’mon! Patch 4.2! We’re trying to kill Ragnaros, having pretty gear would definitely help us pull more dps!

4. HUNTER [3 out of 10]

Oh boy, do I really have to talk about this one? Okay, I’ll be honest.

I hate it.

It may be the fact that Humans wearing Mail Armor look a little bit silly, but what is up with that helm? Those shoulders really look like the Warrior’s T10. I’m definitely not a fan of this Tier set. Unfortunately, lately I’ve been using my hunter a lot more. *Interface>Display>Turn Off “Show Helm”.

One last thing. Really? An eye patch? I’m pretty sure Hunters would rather be able to see where are they shooting.

5. DEATH KNIGHT [7 out of 10]

Is it just me, or this set, apart from the headpiece, looks very similar to T10?

The helm looks kinda ridiculous, but I do like the set. You see that blue aura surrounding the shoulders and the helm? That’s something I’d like to see on the Mage T11.

A darker set would be awesome, but it would probably be way too similar to the Death Knight’s T10 if we do that.

6. PRIEST [7.5 out of 10]

This would have been a nice Mage T11 set…

It’s really cool and everything, but it doesn’t really have the appearance of something a healer class would wear. Priests have 2 healing specializations, I think we could definitely consider it as a healing class.

Just like in T10, Priests get the huge shoulder armor. That means we don’t only have to carry the raid, we also have to carry 50 extra pounds of weight thanks to these babies. /sigh

So what do you think about these Tier Sets? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Let us know!


  1. i personally think that the Pally and the Priest should switch. Priest liiks a little more like pally armor. and other than the helm i like the DK armor. Hunter is okay but the mage is the absolute worst. over all, i think blizz could have done a little better with the sets.

  2. @ Vayder
    I agree with everything you said apart from the hunter. remove the eyepatch and ears from the helm and it would improve it tenfold.

  3. Warrior Teir is what I’ll be rocking. Hope they come out with it soon.

    If it takes this long, it better be good. Was a big fan of the Ynjir set from Wrath. Looked Awesome.

  4. Oh, I messed up the Priest’s paragraph.

    “This would’ve been a nice Mage T12 Set”

    “Just like in T11, …”

    Good job Carlos, good job.


  5. I sometimes like to RP a little as my dwarf hunter, who, like me, is nearly blind in his right eye. Looks extremely likely i’ll be ‘Interface>Display>Turn Off “Show Helm” ‘ as well with this tier, as it’ll effectively make him completley blind…

  6. I like the way the pally set looks (even thought it doesnt look very pally ish) maybe if they gave that to the priest, then the mage got the priests armor and then they just scratch the mage set all together. PLus when in the world are we going to see some warrior T12 !!!

  7. While I don’t raid, I do like the look of the pally stuff personally. I mean, I saw it and I thought there were certain elements of a previous teir hidden there.

    Just an FYI, when I saw the current Hunter PvP helm and now the t12 helm, I really have to hand it to the designers on their attention to detail. As a Marine, I’ll tell you WHY both the current PvP helm and the T12 helms have patches. Traditionally, when you sight down a barrel, you use one eye (ideally your stronger eye). Closing the other eye enhances this effect.

    Not to mention when you’re in a night-time environment, in many situations such as when there are flares going off around you and such, you immeditately shut or otherwise cover one eye to preserve night vision. It’s the same reason pirates wore patches (allegedly). I personally love this little attention to detail.

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