To the Batcave! Champions Online Heroes get their Hideouts

Heroes in Champions Online now have a place to call home as phase one hideouts rolled out today.  Heroes can choose from one of four hideouts, cave, basement, moon or sanctuary, with more coming.   Hideouts are per account, so you don’t need to buy your alts their own, and are customizable for each of your characters.  All Hideouts include Tailor and have access to the Socrates Crime Computer with additional features coming in future updates.

Now Champions Online heroes have somewhere to go to rest, hangout with a few superhero friends or just let loose and be themselves without having to worry about some villain sneaking up on them.  Although if we learned anything from Batman it’s that no matter how well hidden your hideout is, it can be found.

Lifetime and Gold members will have free access to Hideouts while Silver member will need to purchase access to them via the C-Store for 500.