Top 5 Most Anticipated MMOs for 2008

With 2007 coming to a close, I’ve decided to take a look torwards the top 5 most anticipated MMOs of 2008.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

(1Q) This is the MMORPG I’m looking to the most in 2008. Mostly because of the combat and really cool PVP system it has setup. It’s also being touted as the first “mature” MMORPG with content that is not suitable for kids under 17.

Guild Wars 2

(4Q) Updated graphics and new features promise to make Guild Wars 2 one of the biggest anticipated MMORPGs of 2008. No details to really speak about other than the game engine will be new.


(TBA 2008) Even though no date has been given, the game is currently in Beta and is expected to be released sometime in 2008. What makes Huxley standout? Its a FPS MMO using the Unreal 3 engine.


(1/2Q) Coming from Flagship Studios comprising of many Blizzard North developers that brought you Diablo 2. Mythos similar game play to the ever popular Diablo 2 for those of you who can’t hold out for D3. The game is currently in Beta.

Warhammer Online

No introduction required here. Warhammer Online is set to become one of the biggest MMORPG in 2008 touting a next generation Realm vs. Realm system integrating both PvP combat and PvE quests on the same map. They are currently in closed beta.


  1. Nice selection, although not necessarily my personal favorites. Although for a top 5 of most anticipated MMOs, Mythos probably should have been replaced by Warhammer Online… definitely not something I’d play, but it is something that a lot of people seem to be looking forward to! Oh and Guild Wars 2 is for 2009 earliest, in 2008 all we’ll have is a beta, at best.

    Personally I am most looking forward to Aion, Huxley, Jumpgate: Evolution and Stargate Worlds for 2008. Hopefully one of them will prove worth it, otherwise I’ll just stick with EVE.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I wonder if theres gonna be a Warhammer 40k version, because frankly im sick of all the fantasy sword and sorcery thats being rehashed repeatedly.

    we need more tabula rasa style future games with decent plots, and not post apocolyptic , thats done to death as well.

    some real plot is all i ask. and possibly also not cutesy warcraftian polygons for a change.


  3. I scanned over the 50 or so games listed on and they all looked the same to me. Same concept. A character can choose from x number of classes and x number of professions. Can solo some, needs some group at some time. Have some pvp. Isn’t there some other kind of absolutely NOVEL concept. After 3 yrs of WOW and LOTRO (a copy of WOW), I am sick of relying on other greedy and or stupid people.

  4. Well, Beth, you want something other than the normal mmorgp, look at the one at the top, its got a whole new fighting system, guilds build cities, and there is so much more that have not been seen in a mmo so far.

  5. I disagree on Aion being a “good” game. Looks like it will be close to other Asian Grinders…
    If they can make it a little more unique…it may be good..

    Wait and See on that one

    AoC and WAR are definitely the biggies…
    But, I do like the concept of Stargate Worlds also.,.,

  6. Age of Conan “aka AOC” will revolutionize the mmorpg genre. Let me list a few “novel/revolutionary” features that aoc will bring to the mmo genre

    1. Collision Detection: u cannot walk through tanks anymore, u have to go around them or kill them to get to the spell casters they are protecting / tight corridor they are guarding.

    2. Trully Next gen Graphics: shader model 4 or lower , very realistic models unlike wow, warhammer. Dx 10 option.

    3. Siege warfare: build, defend, attack fortresses throughout the game world built by players. ( pvp only servers)

    4. Next gen. combat: No longer the “auto-lock attack spam” boring type of combat but now the combat is engaging and player skill based. Mixture of fighting game I.e. Dynasty Warriors/ oblivion. Whatever your weapon contacts will become damaged “not just your target opponent” but your friends/party will suffer no “friendly fire” dmg.

    5. Full FFA PVP servers no rules no holds barred gank or be ganked action. But if u desire a more mature “role playing” pvp experience then join the RP PVP servers where all actions “pk” will require a realistic reason “lore driven”.

  7. AOC may have good graphics, but the gameplay is not the greatest, I will choose fun and exciting over graphics any day. Also, they should probably finish the game.

    WAR is taking their time to complete the game, AOC rushed to be the next gen mmorpg. They did just that, graphics wise.

  8. Yeah i agree on AoC. I am still playing it and enjoy the hell out of it. but they sure did rush to get the danm game out. its not finished, and godager, thinks the game is perfect with just minor flaws. im running 3dmark06 benchmarks at 20k, and i can only get 40ish FPS on average. thats just ridiculous. the game is still broken. but give it around another 6 months to a year to fix everything, and it will be the major contender its supposed to be. it will lose TONS of people, hopefully they will return when its finished.

  9. Even though you guys mentioned very nice games in that nice list (yes I really agree that this is the most expected MMO games list that could possibly be done, but you could try changing Huxley or even Mythos for Aion, since its relevance is much more important), I guess that Guild Wars 2 is still a game under an unperceptive time to release and it is subsequently under an intensive development, so you can affirm that Guild Wars 2 will be one of the most breathtaking games of 2009 and not 2008. Anyhow, its my duty to inform you that Guild Wars 2 will have a total persistent world and the instances will be used for dungeons and other special locations. It will also posses a great deal of interactive skills, and a lot of other magnificent features that will elevate Guild Wars 2 to a higher ground in the MMO’s eclectic and exigent universe. And it certainly will achieve a more open group of people, because we can freely play the game without having a subscription fee draining our bank accounts every month, and that was always the greatest element that Guild Wars brought to the MMO economic industry, and with Guild Wars 2 more “MMOish” approach it will only make our gaming much more enlightening.

  10. ok a lot of these games sound great, but what is really needed is something new and original. i have played a lot of of MMO’s and have had a lot of fun, but after trying various ones throughout the years, i find that a lot of them are just too similar.
    i do have to admit though that after playing AoC and it’s “real time combat” that i find most of the other “auto” combat a bit tedious. but what would be awesome would be if a game had real “real time combat”. AoC is essentially stringing button combos and you have to wait after each button pressed because it ques what is pressed.
    warhammer sounds awesome, but will it live up to the hype? i know a lot of people that try the newest MMO’s, hoping that they are new, refreshing and unique, but then end up disappointed because they add a few new features, but essentially really are not all that unique.
    i know that you can’t please everyone, but the general feeling i am getting is that MMO’s really need to do something completely new, otherwise they risk losing a lot of people who are just getting bored with the same general theme.

  11. Well AOC is really bad, most of these mmorpg’s dont’t have enough in them to keep you coming back for more.

    But AOC is really broke and boring and Funcom is a bad company.

    Warhammer is missing to much stuff it will be fun for a month or 2 and thats it.

  12. lookin forward to huxley and WHO, posibly aion, i played a lot of MMORPG,s and the stand out so far, is DDO for its movment system ( nearly tomb raider esque, room for improvement tho), combat is pretty good and its all based on a proven rule system, altho i do like the combos in AoC, if some 1 could do a decent job of adding pvp servers, and boosting the Graphics and content of DDO, i dare say it would be the best MMO of the current batch!!! i cant see it tho :( ,also the oportunity to zoom in to first person would be sooo cool, its a shame im a little bored of it now (content thing :( )

    i just wish that game developers would actually try and play other games for a few months, so they can glean all the best that is mmo ( im sure they play other games for a bit but not long enough :( )
    also im sorry warcraft fans, im not sayin the game is crap but …. the graphics are for kids, we need somthin that is really DARK
    also i would like to see developers create a senario/module
    package (somthin like the neverwinter series), that would allow players to develop the game content, obviously the submitted content would have to be tested and vetted!!
    anyway, im just hopin for a new mmo that is trully awsome, haha, if they could just do somthing with the grandtheft auto concept :) that would trully be the best MMO!!!!!


  13. Ok, just a few things you guys should know if you already didn’t notice. WAR, WoW and LOTR are based on same fucking principe. All WoW is about and players who plays it got ZERO life, to get a character to level 70 will take for ever, thats why a good game like Guild Wars have choices, either you go PvP with MAX lvl or you can go PvE that eventually ( really fast leveling) will take you to PvP. Dont spend monthly fee on shitty games that only entertains you when you nerded the whole fucking game.

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