Top Memorable Events in MMORPG History

Last December I posted an article about the top 5 most memorable events in MMORPG history which received a huge response from the MMO community.  Today I decided it revisit this post and list a few more of the top events in MMORPG history.  These are in no particular order:

Serenity Now Bombs a Funeral – World of Warcraft – March 2006

While not the first funeral massacre, it is the most famous that I know of.  An in-game funeral was being held for a girl guildmate that died in real life when it was attacked by a rival guild Serenity Now.  The guild posted on message boards about the funeral and asked players not to break it up as it was in a PvP zone.  Obviously one guild had other plans.  Click the link above to see the video.

Lord Kazzak Terrorizes Stormwind – World of Warcraft – 2006

Before the release of The Burning Crusade, it was possible to lure Lord Kazzak, an outdoor raid boss to Stormwind.  Once there he basically became invincible since he gains massive health every time he kills someone.  With the release of TBC, Lord Kazzak has since been chained to the Blasted Lands.

Shard of the HeraldAsheron’s Call – Nov 2000

The Shard of the Herald was the final shard in Asheron’s Call which was hidden until the first 6 shards had been destroyed.  With the destruction of the final shard, the legendary demon Bael’Zharon would be released as well as new more powerful weapons and items for player .  However players were given a choice to either attack or protect the final shard.  The playerbase on all the servers became divided into those wanting to destroy the shard and those who swore to protect it.  As the battle raged across AC’s servers, the defenders held their ground and were able to protect the shard, this was until the developers stepped in to help the attackers.  NPC controlled by developers contacted the most powerful players and those that passed the test were given  powerful items for their service and dubbed Bael’Zharon’s “Dark Masters”.  Shortly after the Shard of the Herald was destroyed on all servers except for one, Thistledown.  Defenders on Thistledown got organized and started to monitor the status of the shard and setup shifts where players would come to protect it.  The defenders were able to successfully defend the shard until once again the developers step in and stacked the side of the attackers by adding several mythological followers of Bael’Zharon to aid in the attack.  The Shard of Herald was thus destroyed, but the defenders of the shard on the Thristledown server were rewarded with a statue bearing the names of the leaders to commemorate those who stood against Bael’Zharon’s dark followers.

Fansy The Famous BardEverquest – July 2001

When Everquest created the no rules server Sullon Zek , they didn’t anticipate a Bard by the name of Fansy.  The no rules server was just that with one exception, players below lev 6 could not be player killed.  The new server was split into good and evil with most players choosing to become evil.  Eventually Fansy decided to join the server on the side that no one wanted to play on and became a bard.  Fansy leveled to level 5 when he realized he could train a sand giant, a high level monster that normally a bard couldn’t train until a much high level.  But this was a no-rule server so Fansy proceeded to create an small army of sand giants.  Still being level 5, Fansy then traveled through out the realm slaying anyone in his path.   Eventually the highest level player on the server came up against Fansy, but being invulnerable stood no chance.  Eventually GMs were notified of this loophole, but for 3 days Fansy was allowed to wreak havoc on the Sullon Zek server until finally the no-rule server got some rules.

Shadowbane Server Hacked – Shadowbane – May 2003

What started out as items and money disappearing from players characters, soon turned into the most chaotic event in MMORPG history.  Hackers were able to take control of one of Shadowbanes servers for a few hours and basically do whatever they wanted.  It seemed like the hackers has a sweet tooth for newbie blood as noobs were the main targets of the attacks.

The population of an entire Shadowbane town was forcibly moved to the bottom of the sea, where they drowned. City guards turned feral and attacked town residents. Mobs of never-before-seen superpowerful creatures, seemingly spontaneously spawned from the ether, began to prowl the streets unchecked, killing characters in the most painful way possible.

One safe zone in particular, “Newbie Island” became one of the main targets.

“Experienced players looked on in horror as new players were slowly and gleefully dismembered by ax-wielding ogres.  Others just laughed and looted the characters’ bodies after the ogres were done.”

Eventually this hacked server was rolled back and all players were able to regain their items.

Massive ProtestsStarwars Galaxies – 2005

When Starwars Galaxies did the “Combat Upgrade” players of the community rose up in protest stating that the new combat system was too simple and was dumbed down. Cancellation rose, but eventually leveled off and SWG started to grow back until the release of the “New Game Enhancements” update.  This was the last straw for players as the new upgrade further dumbed the game down.  Protest erupted on the SOE message boards asking for an explanation.  SOE decided to delete any negative posts and then started to mass ban users, which eventually lead to the forums being closed down.  However players were not done yet and decided to take their protest in-game.  Meeting up in star ports players cranked up their graphics settings and started to open multiple windows using their data pads, coupled with channel spam and the fact everyone was in the same location caused server loads to sky rocket.  Players were being threatened with account suspension and bannings, but the players got their point across, although it was too late to save SWG.

Fallador Massacre (666 Massacre)Runescape – June 6, 2006

On this day 6/6/06 a player by the name of Cursed_you was about to reach lev 99 in construction, the highest level ever reached for that skill and decided to celebrate by having a house party.  As players showed up, many went into the dungeon where they could participate in PvP.  After some time Cursed_you had enough and decided to expel everyone out of his house.  What happened next no one could have predicted.   With so many players being expelled at once, the game just couldn’t handle it.  So when players were out of Cursed_you’s house they realized they retained the ability to PvP, anywhere!  Many quickly saw the benefit and started killing anyone they could, taking their gold and looting their corpses.  GMs quickly became aware of the situation and tried to warn other players to log off or bank their items, but it was already too late.


  1. Ha ha great stuff I remember that Lord Kazzak video and Fansy the bard who provided me hours of reading enjoyment

  2. I was there… at Thistledown. It was part of my life for a while. They could not beat us. So they had to throw in things that we could not possibly defeat. So many bodies that had to be recovered… lol.

    126 OG Thistledown

  3. I was one of the orginal players on my SWG server. What a game that was back then! All it needed was some more work, which easily could have been done thru regular updates, and a company to run that was not blind to simple realities. You should have see the protests both on the forums and in-game. I was at a couple and it was truly something to behold. Truth be know, SOE really did steal our game not once but twice. The NGE was comically bad and killed the last hint of being a true Star Wars game. I logged back in about a year ago just to see what it was like now. I walked out of the starport and was greeted by 15 jedi killing each other. So much for feeling like I was really part of the story. Im still watching though, and when the game finally dies Im going to log in one last time to say goodbye to what could have been.

  4. I was The Corinthian on AC TD. That was a tough week if you had a real job. The person they enlisted to kill the Shard was Vidorian. Before that, they tried to use developer characters but Black Jack would kill them and jump on their corpses. It was hilarious.

    What really happened was that Mythrandia figured out that the Devs had left a loophole in that players had to portal in to a dungeon that eventually led to shard dungeon. However, the catch was that when you ported in to that first room, you were insta-flagged for pvp so ten of us would wait for them to come thru and slaughter them.

    The player attackers once or twice made it to the shard room but they were slaughtered there. The other little hitch was that the shard could actually gain xp and level itself so players would sacrifice themselves. I am not sure if he could have even been killed because he gained like dozens of levels.

    What was even more hilarious was that Vidorian died like three times even with dev help.

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