Tribes: Ascend – More Gameplay Footage

The latest entry into the old-school first-person shooter franchise “Tribes” has recently entered open beta and is looking pretty good. Tribes: Ascend, developed by Hi-Rez Studios, features the same mix of precise aiming and lighting-fast movement using jetpacks and a technique called skiing that made the original series so addictive.

The pace and style of gameplay is quite different to what fans of today’s typical online shooter are used to. First time jumping into the game, some players (read – me) will be caught by surprise when they are not getting kills every 10-15 seconds and that they actually have to lead their targets and predict enemy movement. The combination of shooting and movement mechanics creates a deep and complex experience that, while off putting to the more casual crowd, will be engaging for veteran shooter fans.

The developer’s intent to borrow from FPS concepts of the past may bring a tear of joy to the hordes of hardcore players, but will the fast-paced, athletic form of combat that relies heavily on teamwork be engaging enough to be a hit with a more mainstream crowd? Watch this gameplay video and decide for yourself.



  1. i got into the beta, and sadly my computer could not run the game. i was a HUGE fan of the original. and this looks just amazingly fun to play.

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