Trion Presented Iron Tomb for Rift: Planes of Telara

Immersed in the closed beta phase of its game Rift: Planes of Telara, Trion Worlds doesn’t want to stop presenting new additions for the MMO everyone is talking about this month. Right before the second private event of the closed beta (Guardians of the Vigil) Iron Tomb, the new dungeon for the game, was presented.

Iron Tomb was built by the Wardens of Freemarch, in honor to their leaders. Among them, was Eliam,  who had defeated en evil Warlord shortly after the fall of Eth. There, lying in spacious tombs, rest every fallen Warden for eternity. But the Rifts came and everything changed.

The Endless Court have broken into the tomb, corrupting it and even raising the bodies of the dead Wardens leaders, converting them into undead thralls.  Alsbeth the discordant, mistress of the Endless, is the right hand of Regulos, the ultimate nemesis in Rift, and has enslaved many Wardens souls, building an undead force of ghosts. So now, Iron Tomb, once a place for fallen heroes, is now a place of terror.

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But not all is lost. Eliam’s soul resists the tainted magic of Alsbeth and calls for the Ascended (players of the game) to Iron Tomb, so they can face the evil plans of the sorceress and Regulos himself. The Endless Court is not just messing up with the souls of the Wardens  of Freemarch, as it’s rumored they seek to gain control over a powerful artifact, lost deep into the most forgotten and abandoned caves of the tomb.

Will you let Eliam alone? When you put your hands on Rift: Planes of Telara, remember Trion has added Iron Tomb into the game, remember the fallen Wardens, remember you’re an ascended, go there and face the enemy and don’t fear… that’s what gamers do.