Trion Presents Next Rift Beta Event and New Dungeon

Last event Enter the Rift was not the last to come for the upcoming MMO Rift: Planes of Telara. Trion has just announced Warfronts!, beginning next Friday January 7 at 10AM PST and lasting  till  Monday 10 at 10AM PST. All participants invited to the event, will have the chance of throwing themselves into the first PvP experience of Rift. Whether you play Guardian or Defiant side, if you’re in, you’ll face the enemy, though not the true one, as Regulos must be laughing hard, watching Guardians and Defiants fight each other, clearing his way to domination.

In addition to the thrilling experience of fighting other players, next event will offer the opportunity of exploring the zones of Gloamwood and Stonefield and two new dungeons: Deepstrike Mines and Darkening Deeps. As well, all players will see an increase of the level cap to 27, offering more soul points for you to try new skills on the soul trees. In my opinion, the best feature of Rift.

If you still want to try some of the private closed beta events, go to the official website and sign for it. Trion still gets new applicants and maybe you’re lucky enough to get an invitation.

As well of the Warfronts! event, Trion has presented a new dungeon: Runic Descent. The story of this dungeon is nothing new. The place was once wonderful and now has fallen in disgrace, since Regulos forced such terrible things as Rifts into Telara. Death magic has done terrible things to the inhabitants, corrupting everyone trying to settle there.

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Runic Descent is adjacent to Hammerknell, in Moonshade and was built by Dwarfs. After the Rifts came, they retreated to Hammerknell and sealed the doors. Later, a group of Fae tried to settle there, but fell  corrupted by the necrotic magic all around. In addition, some dwarfs commanded by a Warden, tried to recover the place, getting mad under the tainted influence of the evil magic. Now they support the Endless Court, slaughtering every adventurer willing to oppose them.

If Telara is to survive, adventurers must fight the evil of Runic Descent and cleanse it.

Looks like Trion is doing a good work. Next Rift beta event and a new dungeon have been announced, showing everyone this game is being developed with passion. It’s great, as well, seeing how the devs responded to player feedback. During the past three events, many changes were implemented, following what players said and, that’s something I would like to see more in other games.