Trion Worlds Celebrates Rift Launch with Dev Diary Video

Rift Opened!

The time is nigh, and players around the world are flocking to Rift‘s 58 US servers and 41 European servers. Dynamic content is the name of the game, and the intense immersion that Trion brings to a traditional MMO setting is really hitting its mark with players. From the very moment you step into the world to the white-knuckle moments of your first Rift or Invasion, you know that Trion puts the “massive” in MMO; literally hundreds of players may participate in the zone-wide events through open grouping and faction pride. Go Defiants!

With this new Developer Diary from Trion, Rift is picked apart and explored by those who gave birth to it. After checking this one out, I can’t wait to discover Ancient Wardstones and Rift Raids. I would ask you to join me on Briarcliff, but the server is so impacted that I’ve had to wait 3-4 hours in queue! Ah, the things I do for World PvP… This is Rift!