Turbine Celebrates LoTRO Anniversary, DDO Discounts Too

Turbine started a couple of raw deals this weekend.  The biggest news is the celebration of Lord of the Rings Online’s third anniversary.  Turbine will mark the Leather year by giving current and returning players an in-game item, the Writ of Virtue.  The Writ is a passive skill that provides 20% discounts at Bards across Middle-earth.

Speaking of discounts, any player, new or old, can snag 3, 6, or 12 month packages of LotRO for only $9.99 a month.  If you have any doubt about LotRO’s legs, know this: The game’s player base grew over 15% over the past year,” according to Jim Crowley, President and CEO of Turbine, Inc. and new employee of Warner Brothers.

Not to be outdone by its subscription-based brother, Dungeons & Dragons Online is having its own discount party.  Starting last Friday and extending to Thursday, April 29, players of DDO: EU can get their hands on sought after items such as any Adventure Pack, the Warforged race, 32-point character builds and Cleric Hirelings for 25 to 50% off.  The seemingly random, but loosely connected to Earth Day, sale is DDO’s largest and most tempting.

The discount on a game that Amatera and I have been enjoying was too good for me to pass up.  I grabbed 1,550 Points ($19.50) and spent them on a couple of adventure packs, and the 32-point build.  To take advantage of the 32-point build I am going to reroll my alt and attempt to customize her.

What better time to start your character for Lore Hound’s DDO episodes of Instance Gratification?  At these prices the 500 DDO Points we hand out will go a long way!